C.M. Stunich

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Short Stories and Novellas

Fuck Valentines DayA Werewolf ChristmasDeadBornShe Lies TwistedBroken Paths

Standalone Novels (not part of a series)

DeadBornShe Lies TwistedHell Inc.Broken Paths

Hard Rock Roots Series

Losing Me, Finding YouLosing Me, Finding You

The Triple M Trilogy

Losing Me, Finding YouLosing Me, Finding You

A Duet

Paint Me BeautifulPaint Me Beautiful

Never say Never Trilogy & Never too Late Series

Tasting NeverTasting NeverTasting NeverTasting Never

The Huntswomen Trilogy

The FeedThe HuntThe Throne

The Seven Wicked Series

The Seven Wicked: FirstThe Seven Wicked: SecondThe Seven Wicked: ThirdThe Seven Wicked: FourthThe Seven Wicked: FifthThe Seven Wicked: SixthThe Seven Wicked: Seventh

The Houses Trilogy

The House of Gray and GravesThe House of Hands and Hearts and HairThe House of Sticks and Bones

Indigo Lewis Novels

Indigo & IrisIndigo & The ColonelIndigo and lynx

Clan of the Griffin Riders

Clan of the Griffin Riders