@2017 by Amanda Carroll and Caitlin Stunich

A Werewolf New Year's by CM Stunich
A Werewolf New Year's by C.M. Stunich

SERIES: Howling Holidays #2

GENRE: young adult, New Year's romance, YA romantic comedy, werewolves, paranormal, hilarious, short story


“New Year's Party Guest List: an entire pack of werewolves ... and one werewolf hunter.”


Sylvia Noe is a werewolf.


And now, so is her boyfriend, Josiah. Of course, accidentally infecting her high school sweetheart with lycanthropy was never part of the plan, but it's nice to have somebody other than her parents to shift with (embarrassing, much?).


Too bad Josiah's mother is actually from a long line of werewolf hunters—a line that doesn't end with her. Josiah's sister has just turned eighteen and is ready for her first kill. A little Auld Lang Syne and champagne isn't going to stop her from crashing Sylvia's New Year's Eve party in her search for werewolves.


Oh, and then there's that tiny little fact that Sylvia's mother just happened to mention about werewolves mating for life. What's that about?

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