@2017 by Amanda Carroll and Caitlin Stunich

The Bad Nanny Trilogy by CM Stunich

Which One Do I Read First? Bad Nanny is book one.

He's a bad boy ... and a nanny. Zayden Roth is a body piercer turned nanny with two full sleeves of tattoos, six packs abs, and ... a hairless cat? If you're into bad boys with nerdy sides, virgin strippers, and a little exhibitionism, this is the trilogy for you. No cliff-hangers, lots of laughs. And sex. Did I mention the sex? ;)


GENRE: romantic comedy, new adult, bad boys FIRST BOOK: Bad Nanny TOTAL BOOKS: 3

*listed in reading order from first to last*

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What is the Reading Order?

1. Bad Nanny

2. Good Boyfriend

3. Great Husband