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Fuck Valentine's Day by CM Stunich
Fuck Valentine's Day by CM Stunich

SERIES: none; this is a stand-alone novel

GENRE: romantic comedy, menage, new adult, erotica, dick pics, novella



Sexy, steamy, quick, fun--only read this if you like hilariously sexy & dirty love stories with happy endings.

WARNING:  This book contains handcuffs, hair pulling, perverted Valentine's cards, and all other sorts of naughty.  This book is NOT intended for anyone who dislikes hot sex scenes, bad boys, or nerds with kinky sides.  Read at your own risk.

Andi Fisher hates Valentine's Day for obvious reasons.  First off, she's single.  Second, she's single.  And third, well, she's f*cking single.  Like it isn't hard enough watching the lovey-dovey couples on campus and listening to her roommate's wild sexcapades at night.  Why does there have to be a holiday to grind the salt in Andi's proverbial wounds?

Resigned to watching reruns of “Sleepless in Seattle” and binge eating on half-priced holiday chocolates, Andi is surprised when not one but two guys start to take in interest in her.  Sexy, tattooed Quinn and the equally hot, but totally nerdy Preston.  Either way, Andi might have Valentine's Day plans that she didn't expect … 

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Fuck Valentine's Day by C.M. Stunich