@2017 by Amanda Carroll and Caitlin Stunich

Heart Broke by C.M. Stunich
Heart Broke by C.M. Stunich

SERIES: Hard Rock Roots #8

GENRE: rockstar erotic romance, gritty romantic suspense


"Damn it. I want to save him from himself so bad it hurts."


Sydney Charell confuses the fuck out of me.
She's a stripper, she likes eighties music, and she's the sister of Indecency's douche bag guitarist.
But I really fucking like her.  Love her.  Maybe.
She shouldn't be wrapped up in our bullshit, our drama.
If I could, I'd send her away, protect her from all of this, but I can't.  She's a target now, just like me.  If we're going to get through this alive, we're going to have to do it together.  Dead bodies, reality TV shows, and … a new tour.  Bring it on.

& & &

Dax McCann is a dark drumming god.
Thing is, I don't date musicians.  I don't really date at all.
But we've got chemistry for days.  And I want to fall in love.  Maybe.
He thinks too much, and he feels too hard, but he's got body and heart both, baby.
If I could, I'd walk away from all of this, focus on my career as a model and forget all about the man with the gray eyes and the penetrating stare.  But I'm already screwed, blued, and tattooed.  Might as well embrace those lemons and make some damn lemonade.  Or little drummer-rocker babies.  That works, too.

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