@2017 by Amanda Carroll and Caitlin Stunich

Pick a list, any list! ;) You can download a copy in a Microsoft .doc, PDF, or Open Office format or keep scrolling to check it all out here on the site.  There's a simple checklist with just titles, a more in-depth list with reading suggestions, and a list for my pen name, Violet Blaze.  Take your pick!

Mark off each book as you read!


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All the info you could ever want.


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Don't forget my pen name!


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Here's a quick, easy list to copy and paste or just glance at. ;) This includes all my currently published works. If this feels overwhelming, and you're not sure where to start, go with "Real Ugly", "Stepbrother Thief", or "Tasting Never".  Jump right in!



1. Losing Me, Finding You ('Triple M' MC Series #1)

2. Loving Me, Trusting You ('Triple M' MC Series #2)

3. Needing Me, Wanting You ('Triple M' MC Series #3)

4. Craving Me, Desiring You ('Triple M' MC Series #4)

5. Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots #1)

6. Get Bent (Hard Rock Roots #2)

7. Tough Luck (Hard Rock Roots #3)

8. Bad Day (Hard Rock Roots #4)

9. Born Wrong (Hard Rock Roots #5)

10. Dead Serious (Hard Rock Roots #6)

11. Doll Face (Hard Rock Roots #7)

12. Tasting Never (Tasting Never Series #1)

13. Finding Never (Tasting Never Series #2)

14. Keeping Never (Tasting Never Series #3)

15. Tasting, Finding, Keeping (Tasting Never Series #1-3 plus short stories)

16. Never Can Tell (Tasting Never Series #4)

17. Never Let Go (Tasting Never Series #5)

18, Never Did Say (Tasting Never Series #6)

19. Paint Me Beautiful (A Duet #1)

20. Color Me Pretty (A Duet #2)

21. The Seven Wicked: First

22. The Seven Wicked: Second

23. The Seven Wicked: Third

24. The Seven Wicked: Fourth

25. The Feed (The Huntswomen Trilogy #1)

26. Indigo & Iris (An Indigo Lewis Novel #1)

27. A Werewolf Christmas

28. The House of Gray and Graves (The Houses Trilogy #1)

29. Chryer's Crest (Clan of the Griffin Riders #1)

30. Hell Inc.

31. Broken Pasts

32. She Lies Twisted

33. Crushing Summer

34. Fuck Valentine's Day

35. DeadBorn

36. Taboo Unchained

37. Taming Her Boss

38. Stepbrother Inked by Violet Blaze

39. Stepbrother Thief by Violet Blaze

40. Raw and Dirty by Violet Blaze