@2017 by Amanda Carroll and Caitlin Stunich

Beautiful Survivors by C.M. Stunich
Lure (Mafia Queen #1) b CM Stunich

SERIES: Mafia Queen #1

GENRE: reverse harem (one girl, three wicked mafia bosses), menage, romantic suspense, mobsters



Three gloriously wicked mafia bosses.
They play with the dark strings of my heart, lure me into temptation.
As the daughter of crime kingpin, Carlo Costello, I have responsibilities.
First, ferret out the traitors.
Next, bring four legendary New York City families together.

I feel like a pawn on the board, a piece lost in a dirty game of violence, sex, and corruption.
But I'm done with being the pawn; I want to be queen.
And I'll have three kings to reign beside me.

That is, if the sex and the seduction doesn't kill me first.
One of my lovers is a traitor.
My heart doesn't care.
But the families will.

***LURE (MAFIA QUEEN #1) is a 25,000 word reverse harem (one woman, three hot mafia men) romance novel that will be released in serial format.  Every three weeks a new 20,000-30,0000 word part of the story will be released for 99 cents.  This book contains graphic group sex, violent action scenes, intrigue, one strong heroine, and her three dark-hearted lovers.

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Lure (Mafia Queen #1) b C.M. Stunich