@2017 by Amanda Carroll and Caitlin Stunich

Pack Violet Shadow by C.M. Stunich
Pack Violet Black by C.M. Stunich

SERIES: The Seven Mates of Zara Wolf #2

GENRE: reverse harem (one woman and her seven boyfriends), werewolves, witches, vampires, faeries, supernatural politics, magic, urban fantasy, paranormal romance



The hunters have become the hunted.
The monsters have become the prey.

The blood of werewolves runs with the fierce, wild magic of the earth.  For millennia, that's what's kept us safe, let us shed our human skins and run as beasts.  Now, it's the siren song that calls our enemies.

I'm the girl known as White Wolf, the Alpha Female for a new pack, a super pack, a combination of my wolves and the wolves governed by the seven Alpha Males I've chosen as my mates.  Together, we represent and protect every werewolf in North America.  Together, we represent the most highly desired prey on the continent.

Faerie courts, vampires, witches, demons...they want our blood, our flesh.  They want the magic that runs through our veins that even we don't know how to use.  If I can't learn to wield magic from my grandmother, the last werewolf to ever cast a spell, then we're all doomed.

The hunters won't just be the prey...they'll be extinct.
And me, I have seven soul mates to kiss, hold, protect.
My males and I, we'll fight to our very last breaths.  I just hope that last gasp doesn't come sooner rather than later.

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