@2017 by Amanda Carroll and Caitlin Stunich

Happy New Year ... Happy New Release

December 31, 2016




I've got a new release for you! In the nick of time, too. "A Werewolf New Year's" is now LIVE on Amazon (we'll have to wait for iTunes, Kobo, GPlay and B&N!!! ;) It's the sequel to "A Werewolf Christmas" which you can read for FREE.


Purchase links are at the bottom!


I know these aren't my usual, crazy effed up romance reads, but they're a ton of fun, and I know you'll like them. Hey, the first one is all of zero bucks so why not give it a try, right? ;)


Also, I'll officially be "back in the administrative office" on Tuesday, the 3rd, so if you need a prize sent, an email answered, or anything else, I'll get to it as soon as I can. <3 <3 <3


P.S. "Savage and Racy" is still on the way! We ran into some hiccups, but I couldn't be prouder of this book, and I know it'll be worth the wait. New estimate is end of this week! =) <3 ;)



AMAZON: amzn.com/B01MU68XOS



ALL PURCHASE LINKS: www.cmstunich.com/awerewolfchristmas