@2017 by Amanda Carroll and Caitlin Stunich

Sirens of a Sinful Sea by C.M. Stunich

Which One Do I Read First? Under the Wild Waves is book one.

~previously published as 'The Huntswomen Trilogy'~

Beneath the dark waters and wicked waves lies a forgotten and crumbling empire.  Natalie, the heir to a dying throne, has one task and one task only: complete the centuries old tradition known as 'The Feed'.  She must travel to land, mate with a human male, and then kill him.  When she returns to the water, the girl who is half mermaid and half human will be expected to use the magic she stole from the humans to restore her people to glory.  But the tattooed bad boy she met on shore ... changes everything.

GENRE: mature young adult/mermaids/sirens/fantasy FIRST BOOK: Under the Wild Waves TOTAL BOOKS: 3

*listed in reading order from first to last*

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What is the Reading Order?

1. Under the Wild Waves

(Previously Published as 'The Feed')

2. TBA

(Previously Announced as 'The Hunt')

3. TBA

(Previously Announced as 'The Throne')

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