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~ Venery Blurb ~

I’ve been abducted by an alien in a cowboy hat.

He needs me to play the role of fake fiancee to appease his family of tentacle-tailed cops.

I’ll keep up the charade as long as I need if it means being reunited with Abraxas and Rurik.


Shouldn’t be too hard, right? To play pretend …


My life force is now inextricably tied to handsome, gun totin’ Officer Hyt.

But do you know what happens if my new in-laws find out that I’m mated to three different males?

Intergalactic war, that’s what.


Eve Wakefield here, currently stationed on the water planet, Yaoh. I’ve been subject to all sorts of unimaginable cruelty since landing here: family drama, ill-fitting bathing suits, and Hyt’s horrible childhood friend. This woman is not only in love with my (fake) mate, but she’s disturbingly perceptive. If she tells the Chief of Police that his son and I are liars: we’re dead. Did I mention that liars are executed here?


And what about the king and queen, the ones stuck on that horrible spaceship?

Liars might be killed on Hyt’s planet, but Rurik’s people won’t stand for adultery.

If they find out, they’ll do worse: they’ll start eating planets and they won’t stop.


Ah, hell.


I did not intend to be crowned the queen of aliens.

It sounds like the dumbest dumb-dumb alien romance plot ever.

But if that’s the only way to save the people that I love, can I do it?


Wear the crown, take the throne, save the universe.

Yeah, I got this.

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