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Here's a quick overview of each series. Click the image to read more; if you click the picture, you'll also find a link at the bottom of the pop-up that will take you directly to the series page on Amazon. If you're looking for individual books, you can click here. For a printable book list that contains all of this information, click here. I will never leave a series incomplete. If you're waiting for something, it's likely in the works, even if it's been a while between releases. If a book you're looking for is not featured on this page, it may be out of print—more info on that here.


*If you see an asterisk next to a book title then that means it hasn't been released just yet.

The Havoc Boys

Enemies-to-Lovers/High School Romance 1. Havoc at Prescott High 2. Chaos at Prescott High* 3. Mayhem at Prescott High*

Rich Boys of Burberry Prep

High School Bully Romance 1. Filthy Rich Boys 2. Bad, Bad Bluebloods 3. The Envy of Idols 4. In the Arms of the Elite *Orientation, a crossover novel with "Adamson All-Boys Academy" *Rich Boys of Bornstead U, same characters but a new series in college

Harem of Hearts

Urban Fantasy/Fairy-tale Retelling 1. Allison's Adventures in Underland 2. Allison and the Torrid Tea Party 3. Allison Shatters the Looking-Glass *Kings of Underland (new series, same characters)

Adamson All-Boys Academy

Murder-Mystery/ High School Romance 1. The Secret Girl 2. The Ruthless Boys 3. The Forever Crew *Orientation, a crossover novel with "Rich Boys of Burberry Prep"

Death by Daybreak Motorcycle Club

New Adult/Age-Gap Romance 1. I Was Born Ruined 2. I Am Dressed in Sin* 3. I Will Revel in Glory*

The Academy of Spirits and Shadows

High Fantasy/Angels/Academy Romance 1. Spirited 2. Haunted 3. Shadowed 4. TBA* 5. TBA*

Alpha Wolves Motorcycle Club

Complete Series in One Volume, Romantic Suspense/Motorcycle Club Romance 1. Raw and Dirty 2. Risky and Wild 3. Savage and Racy 4. Glacier (only available as a complete set)

Rock-Hard Beautiful

New Adult/Rockstar Romance 1. Groupie 2. Roadie 3. Moxie *Reverie; this is a complete series but a full-length book epilogue will be released

The Seven Mates of Zara Wolf

Urban Fantasy/Werewolves 1. Pack Ebon Red 2. Pack Violet Shadow 3. Pack Obsidian Gold 4. Pack Ivory Emerald 5. Pack Amber Ash* 6. Pack Azure Frost* 7. Pack Crimson Dusk*


These books are completely unrelated and each can be read separately. 1. Devils' Day Party 2. Stepbrother Inked 3. Billionaires, Boarders, and Bastards 4. Baby Girl 5. Football Dick 6. Taboo Unchained 7. Glacier 8. Fuck Valentine's Day

Foxfire Burning

Urban Fantasy/Fox Shifters/Vampires 1. The Nine 2. The Tail Game 3. TBA* Cowrite with Tate James

The Wicked Wizards of Oz

Urban Fantasy/Fairy-tale Retelling 1. Very Bad Wizards 2. TBA* 3. TBA*

The Wild Hunt Motorcycle Club

Dark Fae/Urban Fantasy/Motorcycle Club Romance 1. Dark Glitter 2. Cruel Glamour 3. TBA* Cowrite with Tate James

The Family Spells

A Witchy Urban Fantasy 1. The Family Spells 2. What the Hex? 3. TBA* The Heart Cantrip; this is a bonus story previously featured in the Love Potion Anthology, included in Book 2

Hijinks Harem

Romantic Comedy/Dragon Shifters/Sexy Plumbers 1. Elements of Mischief 2. Elements of Ruin 3. Elements of Desire Available separately as well as in a box set; Elements of Fertily is a bonus epilogue only available in the box set

Undercover Sinners

Romantic Suspense/Erotica/Mafia 1. Altered by Fire 2. Altered by Lead 3. Altered by Pain* Originally published under the pen name Kate Morgan; cowrite with Tate James

Cameron Darke

Dhampir/Vampire Urban Fantasy/Fairy-Tale Retelling 1. Stiltz* 2. TBA* 3. TBA*

Five Forgotten Souls

New Adult Reverse Harem Romance 1. Beautiful Survivors 2. Alluring Outcasts 3. TBA*

Hard Rock Roots

New Adult Rock Star Romance 1. Real Ugly 2. Get Bent 3. Tough Luck 4. Bad Day 5. Born Wrong 6. Dead Serious 7. Doll Face 8. Heart Broke 9. Get Hitched Books 1-5 are available in a box set as well with several bonus stories included

'Triple M' Motorcycle Club

Motorcycle Club Romance 1. Losing Me, Finding You 2. Loving Me, Trusting You 3. Needing Me, Wanting You 4. Craving Me, Desiring You

The Never Series

New Adult/College Romance 1. Tasting Never 2. Finding Never 3. Keeping Never 4. Never Can Tell 5. Never Let Go 6. Never Did Say 7. Never Could Stop 8. TBA* The first three books are available free if you sign up for my newsletter. Just click Home on the menu and scroll down until you see the sign-up.

Howling Holidays

Young Adult Werewolf Holiday Romance 1. Werewolf Kisses 2. TBA* 3. TBA*

Out of Print/Currently Unavailable

I currently have some out-of-print titles, but fear not! All will be republished eventually in some form or another. For more information about a title you don't see here, click the link or click Books on the menu, then Printable Book List. Scroll down to the bottom for out-of-print titles.

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