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~ If You Don't Love Me We Both Die~

Megastar Tam Eyre has no idea what to do with the crumpled note thrown at his head:

If you don’t love me, we both die.

Bubble-tea-obsessed college girl, Lakelynn Frost, has 365 days to make the world’s most famous pop star fall in love with her.

If she can’t do it, an old family curse will kill them both.

Might be a problem since she can’t get tickets to any of his sold-out concerts.

Should Lake chase after him with only her grumbly brother Joules for company? Check items off her bucket list like Uncle Jack? Plan her own funeral like Aunt Clara?

But Lake’s a fighter.

And this curse? It comes with magical meet-cutes.



-MF (male/female) romance

-contemporary romance with a sprinkle of magic

-sexy, swoony tension

-spicy slow-burn

-strong secondary couple/side character romance

-characters in their 20s

-stand-alone novel (complete story in one book)

-sunshine in a cup

-first-person dual POV

If You Don't Love We Both Die Currently Reading Anime
If You Don't Love We Both Die Currently Reading

~ I Am Digging Deep on:
1. It only Comes at Night
2. Scarlett Force
3. Grey Wolfe ~

~ Out Now ~

C.M. Hearts You!

~ New Complete Series ~

~ alien/monster/fantasy reverse harem/why choose romance ~

Pheromone by C.M. Stunich
Seminal by C.M. Stunich
Venery by C.M. Stunich

~ Out Now ~

~ Out Now ~

C.M. Hearts You!

Now a Complete Series

~ "Game Over Boys", the final book, is Now Available~

Game Over Boys by CM Stunich

Finding out your serial killer dad wants you to un-alive your boyfriends … Well, it sucks.

Even worse if one of those guys is lying when he says he loves you.

The worst when two of them are lying to your face. If all three of them do it … game over.


I might be known as Gamer Girl, but I wasn’t prepared for this.

Choice and betrayal. Romance and death. Mostly, consequences and hard truths.

Coming out of this alive will be a miracle; surviving with my heart intact is impossible.


Oh, and my summer vacation? Total disaster. The beginning of junior year? Complete nightmare.

My wedding … it’s a bloodbath.

Maxx, Parrish, Chasm: I thought you guys had my back?!



Romance is so overrated.


Fresh graves will be dug in Medina; the body count will be high. New players will enter the game as the stakes rise, a crescendo of opulence and violence. There are actions I’ll take that I should’ve taken from the beginning, actions that will turn out differently than I ever could’ve imagined.

Who wants to help me catch a serial killer?


Checkmate, Dad.

It’s game over.

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~ The Academy of Spirits and Shadows ~

Just when you thought the series was dead in the water - pun intended - here's a brand-new excerpt.

Description and release info will be updated here soon.

Brynn of Haversey is a spirit whisperer—a person blessed with the ability to see and speak to the dead.

It's a useful trait to have when the guys you're crushing on are spirits...

Shadowed by C.M. Stunich
Stalking Nightmares by C.M. Stunich

Stalking Nightmares

~ Scarlett Force #4 ~

Betrayal hurts.

Love hurts even more.

Particularly when you're in love with four psychos.

Releases 2024!

This will be a live release, meaning no preorder.

New excerpt posted.

This will be the final book and will complete the series.

~ New Series, Same World as Havoc ~

Scarlett Force by C.M. Stunich

~ Character Cards ~

Widow from Scarlett Force
Aspen from Scarlett Force
Alexei from Scarlett Force
Bohnes from Scarlett Force
C.M. Hearts You!
Throwaway Prince by C.M. Stunich

Throwaway Prince

~ Grey Wolfe Empire Book One ~

Once upon a time, a ruthless virgin mafia Don spirited away three reluctant lovers.


The captive bookworm princess …
The enslaved billionaire heir …
The obsessed and loyal assassin …

He dressed them up in pretty clothes, collared them, kept them.
At his feet.
In his bed.
Trapped in his castle on the hill.

Well-Kept Royals by C.M. Stunich
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Havoc Boys FB allcovers.jpg



One last chance; one more fight.

If there really are happy endings for people from my side of the tracks, then we’ll find one.

Or else we’ll go down together in a hail of gunfire.


Blood in, blood out.


Next Up...

ORI (1).jpg

Harem meet harem.

Two girls, two harems.

Burberry Prep vs Adamson Academy

One crossover novel.


Hello, Alice...

Ah, sh*t.

I fell down a godd@mn rabbit hole. Again.


Witch Queen?

This final two books in this series will be released together May 2023. Check here for updates!

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