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This page is dedicated to whatever releases I'm currently working on. Right now, that's "Stalking Nightmares", the fourth book in the Scarlett Force series.

If you enjoyed the complete "Havoc Boys" series, Scarlett's books are set in the same world. =)

I'm also FINALLY working on the end of the Academy of Spirits and Shadows series, including "Shadowed", book three. Scroll down for a new excerpt.


On another note, if you've read and enjoyed "The Family Spells", then you'll be excited to know that I'm releasing the final two books in this series in 2024 or 2024. 

If you'd like all of the latest updates, please consider joining my readers' group, The Bookish Bat Cave.

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Grab a Copy of The Family Spells

(The Family Spells #1)

Grab a Copy of What the Hex?

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The Heart Cantrip

(The Family spells #3)

The Heart Cantrip - Coming Soon

Which Mates are Fated?

(The Family spells #4)


Which Mates are Fated? - Coming Soon

Grab a Copy of Fuckboy Psychos

(Scarlett Force #1)

Grab a Copy of Unholy Terrors

(Scarlett Force #2)

Grab a Copy of Vile Bastards

(Scarlett Force #3)

Grab a Copy of Stalking Nightmares

(Scarlett Force #4)


Stalking Nightmares - Coming Soon
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- Shadowed -

**Never-before-read excerpt, may contain spoilers**

 Scroll down to read.

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Teaser from Shadowed

(C) C.M. Stunich

Chapter Two




It was hard to sleep that night. Hell, it was hard to sleep any night after being dead. The body's natural pull just wasn't there.

"You can't stay awake forever," Trubble said, standing near the edge of the building, his tails swaying in a warm nighttime breeze. I glanced over at him and scowled, my arms wrapped around my katana, before turning back to the view of the city, all those flat roofs with their lush gardens. Markt must have a good dozen water whisperers on staff to keep all this greenery so, well, green.

"I'm the one who's dead. Let me decide how to play the deceased." Trubble's footsteps crunched across the gravel, and he sat down beside me, just the two of us, like it's always been. From the moment of our birth, we've never been more than eighty paces apart.

For a while, we sat there in silence, listening to the much gentler murmur of the night market. While commerce never closed here, the crowd thinned out quite a bit after the sun went down.

"Why did you do it?" he asked me, and not for the first time. "Give your life for that girl?" Trubble paused and turned to look at me, his eyes so similar to my own, to our mother's ... "Not that I dislike her or anything, and you are way overdue to lose your virginity ..." He trailed off, some of his usual playfulness subdued by our current situation.

Keeping my gaze on the crowd below, I relived that moment in my mind, just as I had since it happened, since I bled out on snow and ice.

"I told you: there's something special about her." My eyes closed and I breathed in the deep, heavy scent of spices on the wind. It wasn't quite as intense here as it was in Nalahari, but the flavors were so different from New Akyumen, it was a nice change of pace. Made me miss my own country like fucking crazy though. "Mom's been visiting her in her dreams."

"Not Mom," Trubble said, sighing and turning his attention to the sea of rooftops with the bright awnings. Not a single one was over two stories tall, giving the city of Markt this flat, even look that helped it blend in with the desert. "The shadow. Brynn is being visited by a shadow." He rose to his feet, swishing his tails. I'd always wondered why my brother was blessed with nine tails from birth while I sat here in my twenties with only one. One tail, on a Vaennish prince. I'm a disgrace. "Next time it comes, I'll be waiting for it." He tapped at his chest with a palm, and then glances down at me. "I'm not letting our country disappear into the history books, and I'm most definitely not letting you die a virgin. Well, I mean, you technically did die a virgin, but I won't let you be reborn into the next life without getting some."

"Would you please stop with the virgin thing?" I ground out, squeezing the ghostly form of my sword - Masayoshi - close, and wondering what the Amerin queen had done with the real version. She was there, her and her sleep whisperers and her guards. Clearly, she had it somewhere, but where? And why hadn't she asked for an audience with Brynn of Haversey since then?

I smelled trouble - and I didn't mean my brother, although he was sort of musky and hard to miss.

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- The Heart Cantrip -

**THE PREORDER WAS CANCELLED BUT THE BOOK IS STILL COMING! The final two books in this series are set for May 2023**


The right spells always bring hordes of humans and supernaturals to my shop in search of love.

Me? I have just about as much of that as I can handle. There’s Hex, the motorcycle riding half-demon douche; Argent, the Unseelie Prince I stole from faerie; Spectre, the vampire rockstar; Caine, the Southern alpha werewolf. And then there’s Monster, an enigma of cruelty that I should cut from my life and never look back on.

But when an out-of-control orgy taints the magic in my special heart cantrip bath bombs, we all have to work together to keep a human-turned-incubus from terrorizing the city.

Because, well, we’re the Family Spells, and the family that casts together … hunts and destroys demons together. What can I say? It’s just that heartwarming.

The Heart Cantrip Blurb
The Family Spells Series

- Start the Series -

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Teaser from What the Hex?

(C) C.M. Stunich

Chapter One

“In Which I’m Trapped in Hael with my Demon Ex”





That’s all I felt: violent, overwhelming passion. It was all a bunch of bullshit, sure, but try telling my body that.

Monster—the full-blooded demon dickhead I’d broken up with more than a decade ago—was holding the side of my face, leaning in for a kiss. I jerked my head back at the last moment, stumbling back and falling into a shallow pool of water.

He laughed, that cruel, cold laugh that I’d once loved, then hated, and now …

“I can’t think straight,” I whispered, turning around and trying my best to wash off the aphrodisiac with the brackish water. It smelt like dead sea creatures and salt, and no matter how much of it I splashed on my skin, it didn’t help. My body shuddered with need, and I knew it was just a matter of time before I was throwing my arms around Monster’s neck and begging to be fucked.

“That’s the whole point,” he said, standing behind me with his arms crossed over his bare chest. He didn’t bother to restrain me; Monster knew I wasn’t going anywhere. We’d played this game in the past, me and him. Hint: he always won. “But really, you should be thanking me: I saved your ass back there.”

I paused, lifting my face up to stare out at a dark ocean. The waves were calm, but the sky was that awful red color, and I knew I was still very firmly entrenched in Hael. I glanced over my shoulder to find Monster’s copper eyes laced with hunger. As soon as I made eye contact with him, I felt myself fracture into pieces.

Don’t let him do this to you again! I warned myself, pushing up from the black sandy shore and spinning around. My husbands were trapped inside a spell circle here somewhere, and Hex … Hex had been summoned to goddess only knew where. On top of all that, I had my mother’s curse to worry about, the safety of my kids, my coven …

“What do you want from me?” I asked, breathing heavily, my nipples pebbled to hard points. I could feel my body betraying me, throbbing and pulsing, begging me to let Monster lay me down on the beach and … No. No, no, no. “You just left my husbands to fend for themselves. If you really wanted to help me, you’d take me back and break them out of there.”

Monster smiled at me, but it wasn’t a very nice facial expression. That seemed to suit him just fine, because he wasn’t a very nice man. On the contrary, he was one of the worst individuals I’d ever had the misfortune of running into. For two years, he’d been my lover. For two fucking years I couldn’t decide if I were immersed in bliss or thrust straight into the fires of hell.

What the Hex? Teaser
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- Stalking Nightmares -

Stalking Nightmares
VB (2).jpg
Scarlett's Series
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Teaser from Stalking Nightmares

(C) C.M. Stunich

Chapter One




Some asshole ripped my heart out and ground it to a bloody pulp.

I’m going to kill that bitch.

I throw my grandmother’s front door open so hard that the knob slams into the wall and cracks the drywall. No big loss. I’m not the only person in this family with rage issues.

Alexis comes at me like she was not only expecting a fight, but like she wants one, too.

“What have you done?!” My voice is a roar. Let’s just say this: there’s nothing in this world that digs at me like betrayal. To give another person your unconditional love, that takes a lot of courage. There’s not much of that in South Prescott.


Know what else there isn’t much of here?


I throw a right hook that takes Alexis in the jaw before I realize that my grandmother is sitting in her favorite armchair. She surges to her feet like a woman possessed, and she does all that while being in her seventies, overworked, and without spilling a drop of coffee. Patricia Force is a southside girl, born and raised. How could I ever forget?

“Scarlett!” Her voice alone is enough to snap me out of my fit.

My eyes go wide and I stumble back into Widow’s strong arms, his fingertips gripping my biceps and keeping me from falling to my ass in an undignified sprawl. I don’t want him to be a source of comfort for me, a strength at my back that I somehow instinctively feel like I can trust, but … he is. I trust this parking space thief more than my own sister.

The fuck is my life right now?

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I mumble, allowing Widow to keep hold of my arms so that I don’t redzone and attack my scumbag sister again. Not apologizing to her, by the way. These words are for my grandma. “I don’t—”

Alexis comes at me which isn’t unusual. We’re Prescott girls. We’re hotblooded and angry at the world, and that manifests physically at times. Oftentimes. We’ve fought like this since we were kids. No, not like this. Not this vicious. Not with so much heat.

She swings at me, but Widow snatches her wrist in his strong hand. He barely exerts himself when he shoves her back, sending her stumbling and slamming into a decorative side table. Another one of Grandma’s lamps falls off and shatters. Poor Grandma.

“Girls!” She sets her coffee down on the table and moves around the sofa to get between us. Nobody on this green and fucked-up earth tells me what to do, but I raise my hands in surrender anyway. I love Patricia. I love her more than anyone else, and I would die for her. I respect her, too. I respect her in a way I respect virtually nobody else. “There will be no violence in this house.”

Well, now, that gives me pause. Not a great time to mention that I used one of her kitchen knives to kill the mayor’s goon? She keeps complaining that she can’t find her favorite steak knife. It’s a nice one that she ordered from QVC, and OMG, it’s mysteriously gone missing.

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- Throwaway Prince -

Grey Wolfe Empire
Throwaway Prince by C.M. Stunich

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