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This page is dedicated to whatever release I'm currently working on. Right now, that's "Victory at Prescott High", the fifth sequel to my bestselling enemies-to-lovers romance, "Havoc at Prescott High." If you haven't read book one, I suggest doing so before reading the following excerpts and teasers as they may contain spoilers.

The release date for Anarchy is November 23rd, 2020. This page will be updated regularly with new teasers and release information. I appreciate your patience and understand with me as I work through the creative process to give you the best possible book that I can. <3

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Beginning Teaser from Victory at Prescott High

(C) C.M. Stunich

Chapter 1

-unedited and subject to change-

“Tell me that they’re alive,” I say, lifting a hand up and rubbing it across my mouth. I’m used to seeing the bright waxy smear of lipstick on my pale skin. Instead, I’m almost too clean. Scrubbed raw and smelling of powdery soap.

But I had to clean up, didn’t I? After all that blood …

Sara Young stares at me from across the surface of her countertop. After the cops took pictures of me, dressed in copper-scented crimson, and collected my clothes for evidence, I was allowed to come back here to shower.

“You owe me that much, at least,” I say, my tongue scraping across the inside of my mouth like sandpaper. Sara is staring at me with a fresh set of eyes as if, she too, made a snap judgement. As if she, too, underestimated me.

She won’t make that mistake again, unfortunately.

“You know,” she begins, adjusting her position against the opposite counter and dropping her chin to her chest. Her eyes are closed, but I have no doubt that her ears are attuned to my every movement. “I thought I had you all figured out, Bernadette.” Sara looks up suddenly, and her doe-brown eyes don’t look so soft anymore. “You were sad, I could see it in your eyes. That much, I knew for sure.”

“Just tell me if my fucking boys are still alive,” I snap back, wanting to dig my fingers into my scalp until my skin bleeds. But only so that I keep them away from her. I want to grab Sara and shake her right now; she knows the suspense is killing me.

Six hours, four minutes, and thirty-two seconds ago, a man shot Stacey Langford in the head, and I ended up spilling more blood at Prescott High than I’ve ever spilled in my life. The police took my phone, and I haven’t been able to get access to a laptop. Shit, I’m so desperate right now that I’d march my ass down to the corner where all the hookers hang out and use the very last payphone in all the city of Springfield. It belongs to Prescott, of course, and it’s used more often for paid fucks than phone calls.

Right now, I’d gladly press that filthy receiver to my ear if that’s what it’d take to hear the voices of my boys.

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