This page is dedicated to whatever release I'm currently working on. Right now, that's "Anarchy at Prescott High", the fourth sequel to my bestselling enemies-to-lovers romance,"Havoc at Prescott High." If you haven't read book one, I suggest doing so before reading the following excerpts and teasers as they may contain spoilers.

The release date for Anarchy is October 24th, 2020. *THIS WILL BE A LIVE RELEASE as due to an Amazon glitch, they cancelled the preorder without my knowledge* This page will be updated regularly with new teasers and release information. I appreciate your patience and understand with me as I work through the creative process to give you the best possible book that I can. <3

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Havoc at Prescott High
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Anarchy At Prescott High

Hael Teaser from Chaos at Prescott High

(C) C.M. Stunich


Hael is under the hood of the Eldorado when I walk into the garage, pausing near the open door to lean my shoulder up against the jamb. He doesn’t notice me at first, music trickling from his phone, the sound of metal on metal ringing pleasantly around the small space as he tinkers around with the Caddy.


Fortunately, his mom isn’t home or else I wouldn’t have stopped by. She seems to be a pretty sore subject for him, and I don’t want to stir the pot—especially after what happened with Brittany this morning. My teeth clench as I think of her weepy face and all the bullshit that spewed from her lips. Maybe dousing her in her own pumpkin spiced fucking latte wasn’t the best idea, but I don’t give a shit.


Hael is mine now. Period. Baby or no baby.


I lick my lips and shift nervously as Hael slides out from under the hood, shirtless and covered in grease. My heart stutters when I see him sit up, raking dirty fingers through his red hair. When he spots me, he smiles in the most infuriating way possible. Cocksure asshole, I think as he stands up, the muscles in his abs and chest rippling with the movement.


The baby can’t be his; it just can’t be.


“Hey, Blackbird,” he says, his voice this melodic purr that’s so at odds with his filthy appearance. I pretend like I don’t give a fuck that he’s shirtless and covered in grease, that I don’t want those dirty hands leaving dark handprints on my jeans.


“Hey,” I reply, nodding my chin at the metal shit heap that’s supposed to be my future car. “How’s it going?”


“Well …” he starts, grabbing a rag and coming over to stand beside me. The smell of coconut oil is unmistakable, and my nostrils flare as I take it in. Mix that with a bit of motor oil and some fresh sweat, and I’m sold. A single drop slides down his stomach, falling into the valley between his abs. Jesus. This boy was born to make me wet. That, or maybe I’m just a thirsty bitch. Who knows.


I flick my eyes up to him, realizing that I haven’t heard a single fucking word he’s just said.


“Miss Blackbird,” he murmurs, stepping close and putting his palm on the wall beside my head. “Were you just checking me out?” He’s smiling, but there’s something more to his expression, something darker and far less pleasant.


It’s because of what happened today; of course it is.


Not a soul on this earth could smile after what Hael’s been through, not sincerely.


Aaron Teaser from Chaos at Prescott High

(C) C.M. Stunich


"Don't talk like that," Aaron snaps back at me, hissing in pain when I grind the heel of my hand against his shoulder. "I believe in you, Bernadette, even if you don't believe in yourself."

I throw my head back with a laugh, wondering if I really am a perfect slice of sin, Vic's wicked other half. We could do horrible things together. Fuck, we could topple cities. We could rule the world. Or the underworld, at the very least. Despite his tough, new exterior, Aaron is still trying to be the good guy. It's a tired shtick.

I drop my head back down, so I can look at him. And then I roll my hips.

Aaron groans as the baggy t-shirt rides up and my panties slide against the bulge in his sweats. He's hard for me, despite our arguments, despite his pain. I push against the bullet wound in his shoulder even harder, staining the bandage red with blood, and he sucks in a sharp breath between his teeth.

"Aaron," I begin, rocking against him again, knowing that Vic won't have gone far. Likely, he's right outside the front door. Shit, maybe he's watching me again? One can only hope. He deserves to see this, deserves to see me and Aaron wrapped up in each other. "If you don't start treating me like a member of Havoc, instead of your childhood sweetheart, we're going to have problems."


Victor Teaser from Chaos at Prescott High

(C) C.M. Stunich


"I love Aaron," I repeat again, loving the way Vic's jaw clenches, the muscle in his neck ticking as his pulse picks up, fueled by jealous rage. I love it, too. And I'm not ashamed of that. I want him to hurt the way I'm hurting right now. See, told you we were both toxic.


"Why are you telling me this right now?" he asks me, his voice just this side of a snarl. If I wasn't certain he was in love with me, too, I'd be scared right now.


"Because I want you to get out," I tell him, flipping over the next tortilla and starting another. "I want you to leave so I can spend time with Aaron without you." Fuck, I'm being a petty bitch. I know I am, and I don't care. Why should I? The boys have wounded me in an irreparable way, shattered my fragile trust, twisted my reality.


"Is that so?" he growls, coming around the counter. My breath catches as he gets too close to me, pressing his body against my back, putting his big hands on my hips. I hate how much I love it, how much I crave him. "You want me to leave so you can fuck Aaron's crippled ass on the sofa?"


He thinks he's being cute here.


I'm most definitely not.


"That was the plan."


Oscar Teaser from Chaos at Prescott High

(C) C.M. Stunich


"You've said it before," I challenge, giving Oscar a dark look. "You hate me. I get it. But fucking why? Because I'm over your shit."


He smiles at me, but the expression is sharp, cutting.


Without his shirt on, he's a colorful mess of tattoos. His ink owns every inch of his lean, muscular form, a story made of blood and needles. Unsurprising, considering his soul is clearly crafted of shadows and pain.


"You're bold, Bernadette," Oscar says, stepping close to me, wrapping me up in his dark scent. He smells of danger and uncertainty, of wild, moonlit nights, and orgasms made of hot embers and poisonous kisses. I close my eyes as he cups the side of my face in long, elegant fingers, the fingers of a master pianist or a Renaissance painter.


When I open my eyes, I find Oscar far too close to me. We could kiss, if we were so inclined. But how could we be? When he hates me so goddamn much.


"You, in Havoc," he starts, letting a low chuckle curl past his lips like smoke from a slow-burning fire. "I've never wanted anything less."


I reach up to slap his fingers away, but he catches my wrist with his other hand, holding me prisoner. Captivating me with gray eyes the color of a tumultuous sea, slow-moving but capable of unfathomable destruction.


"Should I be surprised by that?" I quip, my tongue as caustic and acidic as his own. We can have a verbal sprawl, me and Oscar. But I hope he knows I'll kick his ass in repartee the same way I did with my hands around his throat.


Callum Teaser from Chaos at Prescott High

(C) C.M. Stunich


At first, I don't realize where I'm going, not until I find myself outside the door to the Southside Dreams Dance Company.


I push my way in, my face wet with tears, my legs wet with blood, and I find my way down the hall to Studio C.


"Get the fuck out," I snarl as soon as I step inside, still clutching the iPad, my skin soaked in fresh sweat, my heart in pieces. Callum pauses at the front of the room, turning to look at me with eyes the color of melancholy. That's what they are; they're not even blue, not really. Blue doesn't look like that, like a pool of a thousand tears, like crushed dreams and fragmented realities.


"Excuse me?" one of the girls at the front asks, and I flick my eyes over to hers. If I were certain I could stop myself just short of murdering her, I'd storm over there and tear her pale pink leotard from her anorexic body.


"Out," I repeat, and then I throw the iPad as hard as I can against one of the walls, shattering both the screen and the mirror. It comes down in silvery shards, sparkling as it falls, like my pain's an art project, on display for everyone in that room to see.


"Everyone out," Callum confirms, turning fully around, his sleeveless navy hoodie unzipped over his black tank top and leggings. "You'll all get a full a refund for today, and a free class. Go." He waits as his students file out, moving past me to lock the door and draw the shades behind them.


"How could you?" I ask as he turns back to look at me, fully aware that I'm crying again. Silent tears, though. My pain is always silent. If I let it go, the monster inside of me will start screaming, and she won't stop until I'm deaf, until the world falls quiet around me and leaves room for only the worst thoughts. "All this time ..."

Bernie Teaser from Chaos at Prescott High

(C) C.M. Stunich


Fuck these Havoc Boys, and everything they stand for.


If I were smart, I'd just take Heather and run.


Instead, my blood is thick with vengeance, and the more the boys push, the more of my emotional walls they knock down, the harder I want to fight. The more I hurt. For myself, for Penelope. Like a caged cat, my claws are out.


"Oscar can take you to the store," Vic murmurs, surprising me. I glance back, but his crow-black eyes are still closed. I'd have known if they were open and boring into me; I'd have felt them.


"Fan-flipping-tastic," I growl, stepping out of the room and closing the door behind me. As soon as I do, I feel a brief moment of respite. Victor is a lot; Aaron and I have baggage. I just need a minute.


"Shall I make a list?" Oscar asks, looking up from his iPad to stare at me through perfectly clean lenses. I've never seem them with a smudge or a speck; they're almost too clean. He's practically inhuman. "I don't like to dawdle in supermarkets, especially when we're in the middle of a turf war."


"I'm not exactly the list-making type," I quip back, giving him a look. He stares right back at me, cutting through me with a slate-gray stare, and then lets his attention dip to my thighs. The shirt is just barely long enough to cover my panties, leaving little to the imagination.


"Well, then, I suppose I'll make the list while you find something appropriate to wear."


"How's this for appropriate?" I snap back, grabbing the booty shorts I wore beneath my cheerleading skirt last night. I yank them on, twist my hair up into a messy bun, and use the hair-tie on my wrist to keep it in place. "Let's go."


Beginning Teaser from Chaos at Prescott High

(C) C.M. Stunich

Chapter 1

There are two sides to every story, but sometimes, only one of them is true.

According to my stepfather, my sister Penelope was a sad, lonely, little girl who was desperate for attention. It’s why she made up those lies; it’s why she killed herself.

Looking into his dark gaze, I can tell we both know better.

“Take a seat,” Neil Pence repeats, dressed in his uniform and smiling like only he can, like a gator who’s just scented his next meal at the edge of the swamp. His brown hair is disheveled, his stubble thick around those thin lips of his. I’ve never wanted to see someone dead the way I do him. “That blood real?”

“Costume blood,” I say, worrying about Callum, about all the boys really. Wondering if Danny Ensbrook really would’ve shot me in the face if given the chance. Aaron is stone-still behind me, so I reach back and grab his hand. It kills me a little bit, to touch him like that, but there are bigger things at play here than our bullshit feelings for each other. “What are you doing in Aaron’s house?”


Vic/Bernie Teaser from Chaos at Prescott High

(C) C.M. Stunich

“They all wanted that for you,” Victor says quietly, dark eyes simmering. “An escape. A different life. A chance to be something better than a gangbanger.”

“They all …” I repeat slowly, thinking of the other Havoc Boys.

“Except for me. Some men sleep and dream. Some men have nightmares. You’re a nightmare, Bernadette, a beautiful nightmare.” Vic grabs my arm and leans in close, sending my pulse racing. “We’re both nightmares; we belong together.”


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