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2023 Plans - a loose itinerary

Welcome. It's 2023, and here's a blog? IDK. Not trying to go back to the days of the superblogger circa 2012 or something, but this does give me a nice spot to post random updates on my site. ;)

Coming up -

March 2023 - Game Over Boys, the fourth and final book in the "Lost Daughter of a Serial Killer" series, beginning with Stolen Crush

This beast of a book is about 300,000 words long which is INSANE! Longest book I've ever written, and 4-5x longer than the average romance novel. What a complicated ending on this one. I'll admit: my writing skills were tested. LOL. But the end result is amazing. <3

After that, I'll be finishing up Scarlett Force, Grey Wolfe, and some other oldies but goodies ... anyone still want the conclusion to Spirited? Doesn't matter. I'm doing it anyway! 2023 is packed and ready for books, books, books.

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