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- If You Don't Love Me We Both Die -

- Spoiler Warning -

This page offers up a quick list of possible triggers in "If You Don't Love Me We Both Die". If you don't want any spoilers, you should stop reading now and dive back into the book. ;)

Overall, this is a very happy, positive book, but it does deal with some heavier themes at times.

This book begins after Lake's cousin, Joe, has already passed away from the curse, but she feels grief for him, thinks of him, and he is an integral part of the story.

Tam starts off in a faux relationship with Kaycee Quinn, mandated by a contract. They have only ever kissed on-set for video/photo shoots or on public dates, and have never been intimate with one another. They both start liking other people during their relationship, and break up. Tam ends up with our main character, Lakelynn Frost, and Kaycee ends up with Lake's brother, Joules Frost.

There are scenes when the curse is suffocating Lake and Tam as well as Joules, so there are mentions of being short of breath and of passing out/fainting.

Their cousin, Joe, chose a process known as natural organic reduction for his body after he passed away. It's a relatively new burial option where a person is gently and compassionately turned into soil. This is the dirt that fuels the growth of a beautiful redbud tree in the story. You can learn more about the process here:

These are big spoilers, and the book will be less fun if you read these; I understand if you still want to, so please scroll down 






Everyone who starts this book alive stays alive. Lake, Tam, Joules, and Kaycee do not die. The power of Joe's love for Lake and Tam breaks the curse for the whole family via magic.

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