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All release dates are tentative and are subject to change. I'm an artsy-fartsy motherfucker, so I go wherever the creativity wind blows. I am making a concentrated effort this year to complete all my open series, so if there's something you're waiting for, please rest assured that I never 'cancel' or 'quit' a series. Want more information on a book that you don't see here? Join my readers' group, The Bookish Bat Cave, to post your questions. The dates listed here are the most accurate estimates for my upcoming releases. You can also follow me on Amazon to get notifications when a new book drops. You can also get teasers on upcoming releases here.

Stalking Nightmares

2024, Live Release


2024, Live Release

Well-Kept Royals

Live Release 2024

The Heart Cantrip

In Progress

Which Mates Are Fated?

In Progress

A Marriage of Monsters

In progress


In Progress

Pack Amber Ash

In Progress

Bornstead U

In Progress (Not Actual Cover)

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